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Travel, we all love to travel.  And seniors and snowbirds do a lot of traveling year round.  Some of us want to have everything planned out when we travel.    Others just like to travel and go from place to place without planning  every step.  Which every type of traveler you are, we hope to provide some helpful information for you to make your travels more enjoyable and easier.  

Many seniors and snowbirds hit the road in the RV and will spend months at a time traveling around the country.  For you we have information on  RV Parks all over the country.  We even have RV's for sale by owner if you are in the market.

If you are not an RV'er,  you will probably be looking for lodging facilities to stay during your travels.  We have information  for Bed & Breakfasts, Condos,  Motel/Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, Snowbird Rentals, Time Shares, Cabins and Cottages, and Vacation Rentals all over the country.

Many of you are looking for information about various parts of the country you want to travel to.  You can look at our Snowbird States page to see the official Web Site for many of the warm weather states.  In addition to that we are building a database of the Visitor Bureaus / Chamber of Commerce for various cities.  You can contact them for information on visiting their area.  Also as you know Tours are very popular among seniors, and are a very economical way to travel.  So take a look at our section on Tours and see how they might work for you.

If you want to get some professional advise on your travel plans or just have questions regarding travel take a look at our newest section on Travel Services.